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Short History of Greyport (Thursday Burning Wheel game)
History of Greyport:

2000 PM: Large groups of non magic using northern Mainlanders begin to evacuate to get away from the tyrannical rule of the Mage-King. Retreating to the elven inhabited lands far to the east they arrive and find many of the plains unused and a friendly elven culture to guide and show them how to survive. The founding of Greyport was done by 5 noble families, one of which became the lineage of the King. The first King of Greyport was Archibald Sermonious the III.

1500PM: Greyport becomes the center of a new religion based on the teachings against magic and corruption that they had seen on the mainland. Called the Church of the God of Man the priests of these towers used brutal tactics to drive out anyone born with magical talent using magically immune inquisitors.

1000PM: Dealing without magic for over a millinum due to the efforts of the king and the many churches the culture began to focus on their craftsman and their efforts to bring about more technology and learn how to use and deal with the lands. Technology of this era was simple but with the help of the dwarves to the north the art of metal smelting, crafting gears and mechanisms and using advanced tools became a common practice of the newly formed guilds that seemed to be growing quickly.

500PM: The discovery of a crude black substance known as Ichor seemed to fuel the power of the new age bringing about possibly the grandest inventions known to human kind. The humans began to spread further inland and the kings became more bold in their spreading and warlike behavior. The first of the attacks on the mainland quickly showed however that while they could now strike a blow against the mages they could not hold any land there. With the inventions of fire arms, Ichor powered ships, gears and steam engines humans began to spread to all the other islands in the area quickly.

150PM: The second great inquisition began hunting down more mages than ever, without the leadership of the first inquisition the murders were sloppy and many innocents died, a plague began to rip through the lands killing many as the succumbed to Mummer. A second attack on the mainland took place stealing many riches but still forcing a retreat back causing even more loses to the poor people of greyport. The nobles were becoming more corrupt and evil as the people suffered they sat back and enjoyed their riches. The Guilds began becoming groups of thugs willing to take violence to insure the safety of their business. An attack from the mage king himself ended the era as he slew the nearly dead king and established King Bradwick the First, a commoner found to have the bloodline of the kings in him.

50PM: In his many years of life Bradwick established trade and good relations with the dwarves and elves. He brought magic back in full force to the small island establishing and funding the Trumble Magical academy run by the archmage James Trumble. Magic was free to study as the church began to crumble in numbers after many were sent over to the mainland to preach against magic. Mummer ended the day he took the crown on his head as did the oppression as the people got a voice in the noble council for the first time angering many of the nobles. Though this time of prosperity was immense it only set the stage for the mages rebellion.

0PM After the death of Bradwick, his firstborn son Bradwick II took command, he ran the country fairly as the first mage to do so in well over a millennium. His children also powerful mages saw the discontent brewing in the new powerful mage class as they had no more say in what happened in the country than the commoners. Using this rage and the talents of the Trumble academy the prodigy of Bradwick II attacked and staged a coup taking the castle and the government by force in only a week. With the noble families removed from power and many non mage nobles slaughtered with bouts of flame and lightning. The carnage left the way for the first mages council. The 5 sons and daughters of Bradwick II taking control.

20 AM: After the council took control the first rebellion began to build. Children of Bradwick began to rally the forces of the duty bound dwarves and elves to stage an attack on the magic council to take back the city from their brutality. The war was savage, costing thousands of lives on both sides but the victors eventually stepping up were the mages that managed to push back the forces and slay the last of the leaders of the rebellion. Left without guidance or leadership the elves and dwarves retreated to lick their wounds from the battle. The turning point in the battle was the creation of the Chimera, war machines of modified men that tore through the ranks.

100AM:The mages secure in their victories began to expand their holdings and cities past Greyport and began to build the rest of the nation to hold the non-humans at bay. Slaves were now a major import from the many nations around to help rebuild and later to serve the elite class of the Greyport citizens. While the people with magic flourished the weakened suffered.

160AM: The elves stirred into rage as the mages tore down their ancient forests began to fight back against the large tide. While unable to get the help of human allies or dwarves they fought bravely but in whole lost most of their numbers as their beautiful forests on the west side of the island were burned to the ground to prevent their return. The largest wholesale slaughter was the battle of Rickdog, a doctor had set up an agreement with the elves only to lead them into a brutal trap killing many of their generals and leaders.

185AM: Without the elves to patrol the woods the orcs that had eyed the islands as an easy target begain to arrive on their longboats with their brutal screams, trolls, and bloodthirsty rage. They began to tear down 2 coastal cities as the mages scrambled to attempt to rebuff them. The mages knew they did not have an army strong enough to fight back the hordes and so many of the slaves that had been working to rebuild Greyport were sent to their deaths to hold back the horde while Chimera’s were made on a mass scale. The Chimera’s eventually after 5 long years were able to hold back the horde long enough to build the magical barrier that to this day protects the eastern side of the island from the orc armies. Many of the chimeras died but those that survived now serve the mages council as bodyguards and assassins as times grow stranger.

200AM: Current day. The mages are expanding their mining up into the dwarven mountains to the north while also holding the barrier just barely against the orcish hordes. Mages infighting is at it’s strongest as many are willing to steep to illegal measures to gain more favor in the eyes of the 5 lords that now have become monstrosities while seeking immortality. New slaves are being brought in daily to help build up the nation for another great war that no one seems to be talking about in open daylight.

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Greyport II - Rise of the Mage Kings. AnthonyDeGidio